On Tumblr, there are many communities of rabid fans, called fandoms , but none more terrifying than that of BBC Sherlock. (Well. Maybe the Homestucks, but nobody really knows what goes on with them.)


Basically the whole fandom's psyche

Tumblr's Sherlockians, due to long hiatus of the object of their obsession and the soul-sucking sadistic bitches of the he-demons known as Mofftiss, have gone, to put it simply, completely fucking stark-raving-mad. Seriously, there's no sanity left. Not an ounce or an inkling or a smidge. [is a prime example of their sanity. ]

Here's a bit of advice: stay away.

I don't care if you watch Sherlock, or want to watch Sherlock, or think that they look like perfectly nice people, stay the fuck away because they will destroy you. They'll rip out your heart and your brain and your soul and put them in a food processor and turn them into paint and use it for their mad fucking fanart.

Just. Don't. Talk to them.