The average screen one would see if making a text post

A text post is a post you can make of Tumblr which mostly consists of text. There, however, can be more things added if the creator wishes.

Adding Different Types of TextEdit

To add types of text which aren't exactly 'normal', such as bold, italicized, or stricken though, continue reading!

Italics, Bold, and StrikethroughEdit

In Rich Text EditorEdit

There are three buttons on the toolbar that you would use. The first one, which consists of a bolded 'b', is the button you would use for bolding letters/words/symbols. The second consists of an italicized 'i'. This is the button you would yuse if you were to italicize letters/words/symbols. The third consists of an 'abc' that has been sticken through. If you wanted to type words with either of or any combination of those characteristics, you would click on the button that corresponds to the characteristics you wish your letters to be.

When you don't want the text to look like that anymore, simply click the button you originally clicked again.

In Plain Text/HTMLEdit

I really hope that, if your text posts are to be written in plain text/HTML, that you actually know how to use HTML. I'm not explaining that shit.

The tags for bold, itacic, and strikethrough are as seen here.

(< strong >) Is for bold.

(< i >) is for italics.

(< del >) is the code for srikethrough.

Blockquotes and BulletsEdit

In Rich Text EditorEdit

For a blockquote, there is a button with a quotation mark (") on it. You would click this button and write whatever it is you need to write with a blockquote. To end the blockquote, you would click the button again.


In Plain Text/HTMLEdit

The tag for a blockquote is (< blockquote >).

The tag for a numbered bullet is (< ol >) for it to go through, and (< il >) for each bullet.

For a normal bullet, it's (< ul >) and then (< il >) for each bullet.